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Succeeding in your first orthodontic therapist job

As a fairly new grade of dental care professional (DCP), working as an orthodontic therapist in Ireland promises to be an exciting and in-demand career in the field of dentistry.

While you have worked hard to earn your qualifications and credentials in this field, translating your skills and abilities into action may require some time. It may involve:

  • Proving your technical competence under the direct supervision of a specialist orthodontist
  • Assimilating within a team of experienced dental practitioners from diverse backgrounds

Building a strong profile, getting noticed by prospective employers, and conveying your skills and personality through the selection process are just the first few steps towards landing your dream orthodontic therapist job in Ireland.

Study the orthodontic therapist job description

Orthodontic jobs are one of the versatile profiles that allow you to work in a number of different settings, including general dental practices, hospitals, and specialty clinics. You may need to give some thought to the kind of work you wish to do. Some settings may involve basic assistance, such as taking impressions, cleaning tooth surfaces, placing or removing fixed appliances, and prepping the patient for the orthodontist. Certain employers may assign more complex responsibilities, such as providing emergency orthodontic care. Hence, whether you consider listings for orthodontic assistant jobs, orthodontic nurse jobs, or orthodontic therapist jobs, read the job description thoroughly while applying for orthodontic jobs in Ireland.

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While most recruiting practices advertise their dental vacancies, a few may still be reluctant to post their jobs online. Our ‘work availability’ section is a proactive tool that allows you to let prospective employers know that you are actively looking for specific types of orthodontic jobs. We encourage you to fill out all the information, including your skills and particular areas of interest. When the registered recruiters on our site scour through the jobseeker database, they will see your name and a contact email address. We do not publish any of your personal information at this stage, and instead allow prospective employers to reach out to you.

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